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Virtual Check-Ins


During the COVID-19 temporary clinic closure, we are still available to support your ongoing orthodontic treatment! We can continue to monitor your treatment and address concerns you have in the following ways:

  • Video-based appointments can be requested to virtually check your appliances or aligners and to connect face-to-face about treatment questions.

  • Email us photos, questions, or concerns about your treatment or call anytime.

  • Dr. Siu has prepared a series of short videos on FAQs and tips that you may find helpful.


For virtual video and photo check-ins, we ask that you capture a series of images for our team to review. 

Tips for capturing great photos:

  • Have a family member take the photos for you.

  • Make sure your flash is on.

  • Try to capture just your mouth and teeth if possible.

  • Relax your lips – don’t make them tense.

Using spoons to retract your lips and cheeks, take 6 photos using your mobile phone:

Photos can be emailed to Admin@ShawanoOrtho.com.

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