Brace yourself: An amazing smile awaits

Seeing a happy, healthy grin on your face is the reason we do what we do.  If less-than-perfect teeth have caused you to conceal your smile, there’s good news: Shawano Orthodontics can help you with that. A healthy, beautiful smile is ageless, and we want to help you get your best smiles that you will confidently show off in your next selfie, on a first date, at that all-important job interview, or in the reflection in the mirror. Seeing you happily smile makes us happy, so let’s get started.

The beauty of braces

  • Beautiful, confident smiles

    It may sound crazy to say that braces can change your life, but they really can! Braces do a lot of important things. They straighten your teeth, close any gaps, correct spacing issues, and even fix problems that are causing you pain. But they also do something even more important – braces can make you feel better about yourself. Our patients tell us that they smile bigger, feel more self-confident, and are more comfortable in both personal and professional situations. And those benefits are hard to beat!

  • Preventative maintenance

    Of course, braces don’t just benefit your mental health — they also benefit your dental health. Once your teeth are properly aligned, they will be easier to brush and floss thoroughly. Better brushing and flossing can help eliminate bacteria, plaque, gum disease, cavities, tooth decay, and lots of other things you don’t want in your mouth.

  • Improved oral health

    Feeling under pressure? Your mouth might be, too. Improper tooth and bite alignment put unnecessary pressure on the teeth, jawbone, tissues, and nerves in your mouth. If you have unexplained headaches, uneven tooth wear or chipping, ongoing jaw issues, or other types of pain, braces may be the solution you’re looking for. And you also get a gorgeous, confident smile? Sounds like a no-brainer to us!

An hour is all it takes

There’s no time like the present, so if the timing is right for you to begin your orthodontic treatment, we’ll schedule your first appointment during your initial consultation. It only takes about an hour to get started on your orthodontic treatment journey. During that time, our experienced team will place your braces and any other appliances necessary as part of your treatment plan. We will carefully review diet, brushing and hygiene plans, and any special care instructions that apply to your treatment. About every eight to ten weeks you will come back to visit us for an adjust so we can continue perfecting your smile – and we promise to make all your visits a lot of fun, too. If that sounds like a plan, let’s get started!